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  • YouTube Music rolling out today (and other YouTube news) May 22, 2018
    The launch of YouTube Music, creator credits, YouTube charts, community guidelines, and merging channel subscribers. We’ve got a pretty full month of YouTube news to cover, so let’s start from the top… Have you abused YouTube’s community guidelines? If so, we’ll need you to come to the front of the class and write “I will […]
    Chris Robley
  • Why does Twitter still matter for musicians? May 22, 2018
    Twitter lets musicians do three things they can’t do on other social platforms. First, if you hate Twitter, fine; don’t be on it. Same goes for ANY social platform. Concentrate your efforts. The new rules of social media say you SHOULDN’T be everywhere. But if you ARE on Twitter, if you like using Twitter, if […]
    Chris Robley
  • Sequential marketing with social content (or WHY YOUR MUSIC VIDEOS AREN’T WORKING!) May 21, 2018
    Is the future of music videos vertical and short? Maybe at first. No, I’m not describing a graph. What I mean is: quick videos that are shot with the camera held upright (not in landscape) — that’s the key to introducing your music to new “cold” audiences on social platforms. Sequential marketing is about easy […]
    Chris Robley
  • Making a music career from Pandora plays May 18, 2018
    Music with a clear purpose + talent + Pandora = Paul Cardall’s independent success. I just got back from the Music Biz Conference in Nashville where I recorded an episode of the DIY Musician Podcast in front of a live audience, co-hosted a session about Star Wars — I promise it was relevant to the […]
    Chris Robley
  • How to use your merch to engage your fans May 9, 2018
    Five things you can do with merch to deepen your relationship with your audience. This article was written by Vanessa A. Ferrer, founder and CEO of Merch Cat. “Fan engagement” and “direct-to-fan” are hot topics these days because it’s finally come to light that fans are the real gatekeepers in the music business. And by […]
    CD Baby
  • Ready to launch your next music project? Do these 4 things FIRST May 8, 2018
    The right way to plan for your next album, single, or video release. Chances are you have a big music project you’re working on now, right? Maybe it’s as small as a new song, or as grand as a full-production music video with a team of 100 people backing you up. No matter how big […]
    Dave Kusek
  • So you got on a playlist. Now what? May 7, 2018
    7 simple ways of turning a current playlist placement into longer-term streaming activity. Yes, you want to get your songs onto playlists. But once you’ve landed a placement, it’s important not to fumble the opportunity. Being discovered by followers of a playlist is not the entire end-game. You also want to use a playlist placement: […]
    Chris Robley
  • Creating a good lyric video for less than $10 May 3, 2018
    How to make a lyric video for your song (without using Motion or After Effects) Lyric video: a video that shows your song lyrics while the music plays. Pretty self-explanatory. Not only are lyric videos a great and manageable way to keep your video content coming in between bigger projects that involve more complicated production, […]
    Chris Robley
  • How to design eye-catching album cover artwork: the good, the bad, and the blurry May 3, 2018
    Cover artwork DOs and DON’Ts for your next album or single. In this episode of the DIY Musician Live, I speak with CD Baby’s Josh Coyle and Crystal Lemons about how to design eye-catching cover artwork, and we take a look at some examples of both good and bad cover design. Before you hire a […]
    Chris Robley
  • 10 things you should do as soon as you sign up new music for distribution May 2, 2018
    Getting the most from your music distribution. There’s more to getting your music out there than simply pressing the “finalize” button in your CD Baby dashboard. And there’s a big difference between releasing a new song or album and having that music actually make an impact. Here are ten things you should do as soon […]
    Chris Robley