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  • How to write a perfect welcome email (and why it matters) June 20, 2018
    Email marketing for musicians: What makes a good welcome email? A welcome email is the message that you set your email program to send out automatically as soon as a new fan subscribes to your list. It is one of THE most highly opened emails. Average email-list open rates are between 15% and 25%, while […]
    Cheryl B. Engelhardt
  • Facebook etiquette for live music fans and musicians June 19, 2018
    The 8 rules for sharing live-music content on Facebook. Performing musicians rely on social media to connect with their audience, and fans love that kind of direct communication with artists—it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. But as with most aspects of human social interaction, things can get…awkward on social media. People can be insensitive and even […]
    Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers
  • Get 13 months of web hosting AND unlimited music distribution for $149 June 18, 2018
    HostBaby’s Summer Sale is all about getting $260 worth of website hosting for $149 and releasing UNLIMITED music while you’re at it. HostBaby’s Summer Sale has arrived‚ and you don’t want to miss your chance to get a year of website hosting for way below our normal price. Savings for both new and existing HostBaby […]
    CD Baby
  • What to do if your artist name is similar to another band name (Trademark 101 for Musicians) June 18, 2018
    Trademark Woes: When two bands have the same name!!!!! This article was written by Katelyn Kindberg. It should not be taken as legal advice. For help with your trademark concerns, please consult with your lawyer. Here’s an actual band-name scenario that a reader of this blog asked us about: What if there’s a slightly older, […]
    CD Baby
  • “10 data points every musician should check daily” (The DIY Musician Live) June 14, 2018
    Navigating the numbers and dashboards that will have an impact on your music’s reach. We’re musicians, not data analysts. But making a daily or (at least) weekly habit of checking data can help your music reach a bigger audience. Which analytics matter most? Where can you find that info? And what should you do with […]
    Chris Robley
  • Do a “pre-add” (pre-save) for your new album on Apple Music June 13, 2018
    Apple Music now has the equivalent of pre-saves, and CD Baby will help you easily launch a “pre-add” campaign! Apple Music recently announced a pre-save feature (which they’re calling “pre-add”). They say: Any album that is available for pre-order in iTunes with at least one instant gratification track will be available to listeners to pre-add […]
    Chris Robley
  • Turn your older music catalog into “evergreen” content June 7, 2018
    Your old music is always new to somebody! I’ve probably written the above statement a dozen times on this blog. There are billions of people on the planet, and most of them have never heard your songs. That can either be a big disappointment or a huge opportunity, depending on how you look at it. […]
    Chris Robley
  • The 5 keys to Lance Allen’s success with Spotify playlists June 5, 2018
    What one DIY artist is doing to earn consistent streaming revenue from Spotify. Lance Allen, the instrumental guitarist who’s paying off his mortgage every month with the money he earns from Spotify, is obviously doing something right. He’s doing quite a few things right, in fact. This August Lance will be leading a session at […]
    Chris Robley
  • Last chance to get $99 tickets for the DIY Musician Conference and to record at Spotify’s Secret Genius Studio in Nashville June 5, 2018
    Last call on $99 tickets for CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference this summer! Friday, June 8th is the last day tickets to our DIY Musician Conference in Nashville (August 24-26) will be available for $99. Three life-changing days of community, inspiration, and education in the heart of Music City! Why pay $129 later when you […]
    CD Baby
  • Make your songs more playlist-friendly with these four editing tricks May 30, 2018
    What are playlisters listening for when they consider your music? YOUR music should meet THEIR needs. This article is based on an excerpt from Michael Warner’s book Work Hard Playlist Hard. Curators add songs that fit into their playlists, meaning the song matches a specific feel, genre, or style with the rest of the songs […]
    Michael Warner