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  • A whole new way to think about marketing your music July 11, 2018
    The foundations of smart digital music marketing. GO HERE and click “Get Reminder” to join us for the next DIY Musician Live on Facebook — Wednesday, July 18th at 2pm EST / 11am PST. Online music marketing should be about SO MUCH MORE than blasting updates and asking people to buy your music. You can’t […]
    Chris Robley
  • Does my producer deserve publishing and songwriting credit? July 11, 2018
    How to compensate your producer or beatmaker. If you create original music and haven’t signed your publishing rights away, YOU are your own publisher and YOU own your publishing. You are owed publishing royalties for the usage of your composition — the “composition” being the structural elements (melody and lyrics) that underlie any particular recording […]
    Chris Robley
  • Who owns your music publishing rights and how does the money get split? July 10, 2018
    Your music publishing rights and you: What you own and who owes you royalties. If you’re a songwriter, a composer, a lyricist, or anyone else who creates original music, and you’ve not signed a deal with a music publishing company — YOU own your music publishing rights! What are your music publishing rights exactly? Well, […]
    Chris Robley
  • How I raised $40k through my email list (with less than 2000 subscribers on it) July 5, 2018
    Changing the “starving musician” mindset when it comes to your email list. The first time someone (who didn’t share my last name) contributed to my record-funding campaign, I was floored. And then I got serious anxiety. That’s actually pretty normal for me and HERE is how I handle it. Truthfully, I was terrified – people were actually […]
    Cheryl B. Engelhardt
  • 20 years of changing the game June 28, 2018
    The music industry has changed a lot in the last two decades. So has CD Baby. And we’re not slowing down. When CD Baby began, major-label industry types were still calling most of the shots in the music biz. Twenty years later, artists are building careers on their own terms, and CD Baby is paying […]
    CD Baby
  • How to NOT lose your voice on tour! June 27, 2018
    “So, did you lose your voice on tour?!” My music-store-owner friend, a passionate music enthusiast, was excitedly grilling me about my thirteen-night Northeast tour last August. The answer was an emphatic NO! I had not lost my voice at all; in fact, I came back feeling more vocally healthy than ever after singing for thirteen […]
    Nico Padden
  • New monetization features for mid-sized YouTube channels June 25, 2018
    Three new ways to get more from your YouTube channel. The big news at VidCon this year: YouTube announced three new features that will help some channels with active subscribers make more money and drive more video engagement. 1. Merch sales Eligible US-based channel with more than 10k subscribers can start selling merch to their […]
    Chris Robley
  • Musicians: Post your long-form vertical videos on Instagram’s IGTV! June 21, 2018
    Instagram’s IGTV now allows musicians to post long vertical videos. Musicians, now you can share your FULL music videos on Instagram… as long as they’re VERTICAL. Vertical — as in, skinny. Not widescreen/landscape. Ya know: VERTICAL — the way most people view their phones. Vertical music videos. Vertical lyrics videos. Vertical live-streams. Vertical absurdity. Create […]
    Chris Robley
  • How to write a perfect welcome email (and why it matters) June 20, 2018
    Email marketing for musicians: What makes a good welcome email? A welcome email is the message that you set your email program to send out automatically as soon as a new fan subscribes to your list. It is one of THE most highly opened emails. Average email-list open rates are between 15% and 25%, while […]
    Cheryl B. Engelhardt
  • Facebook etiquette for live music fans and musicians June 19, 2018
    The 8 rules for sharing live-music content on Facebook. Performing musicians rely on social media to connect with their audience, and fans love that kind of direct communication with artists—it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. But as with most aspects of human social interaction, things can get…awkward on social media. People can be insensitive and even […]
    Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers